Heidi Stacy feels that the most important lesson is, “when we feel good, we do good!”
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Why I wrote Back Rub-A-Dubs

I wrote this book because I feel we are letting touch slip away as an appropriate exchange between human beings. Touch bonds and
connects us to one another; builds calmness
and trust. Touch is a basic need and
is necessary for healthful living.


This book's whimsical playfulness is a
reminder of the importance of touch at all ages. And...I must live up to the words of my 1997 teaching award: Betty Brinn Teacher of the Year
for Hands On Learning!

"You and your child
will enjoy this book together
as you sing, play, and lovingly touch your way to good health and happiness. Enjoy!"

–Dr. Jeff S. Hollowell, PhD.


Child, Adolescent, and Family Therapist


The Wholistic Wellness Center,
Brookfield, WI

Back Rub-A-Dubs by Heidi Stacy
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What are Back Rub-A-Dubs?

Back Rub-A-Dubs is a book of silly backrubs with names... sung to a familiar tune, "Are You Sleeping?" It is a fun way to fulfill our daily and basic need for touch!

The Illustrations

Young grandchildren living out of state initiated my attempts at crayon drawing. I drew silly pictures, memories we had shared, along with love notes to
keep connected long distance.

This drawing of me was my "portrait" signature to them before they were readers. Crayons had always been a favorite of mine. Now that I have found them again, I never leave home without them...crayons!

Back Rub-A-Dub pages
Back Rub-A-Dub pages

Pages from
"Back Rub-A-Dubs"

Benefits of Touch

Relaxes & calms  ♥  Relieves stress  ♥  Increases immunity

Builds self-esteem  ♥  Bonds & connects

A note from
Dr. Jeff S. Hollowell
"Back Rub-A-Dubs"

Barnes & Noble Customer Reviews

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Posted November 30, 2012

Heidi Stacy does a wonderful service for today’s family. Her book, Back Rub-A-Dubs, encourages healthy touch and interaction…refreshing in the context of current affairs. She not only did a wonderful job writing, but also illustrating the cheerful message. I highly recommend this book for parents, grandparents and anyone who cares about tomorrow’s generation.

5 of 5


Posted February 21, 2013

My grandchildren love this book! It's a highly interactive way for me to be with them - singing, playing back and forth with the various types of back rubs, and looking at the wonderful illustrations. At the end, we can think up our own ways and try them! I should have said, "Grandma loves this book too!"

A few books that "touched" my heart

"A Book of Hugs" by Dave Ross

Simply delightful, creative ways to hug and hug and hug!


"Snuggle Puppy" by Sandra Boynton

The message over and over is one we all need to hear...

"I love who you are, I love what you do, ooh, I love you!"


"Mommy's Hands" by Kathryn Lansky & Jane Kamine

Hands can do so many magical and loving things.

Touch is a lifeline...

                   for kids of all ages!

Benefits of touch, Relaxes, calms, relieves stress, increases immunity, builds self-esteem, bonds and connects

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